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In addition to the main World Congresses, IACM sponsors thematic conferences organized by national or regional organizations.
The present paper is intended to provide the organizers of the IACM Special Interest Conferences with technical and scientific support in preparation for these events.

The intention of the IACM Secretariat is to put more emphasis on the homogeneity of the conferences organized under the flag of the “IACM Special Interest Conference” and to determine the least common denominator that should be complied by the organizers in order to establish a clear and coherent external image and consolidate the IACM as the leading international institution in the field of Computational Mechanics.

Any institution interested in labeling its conference as an “IACM Special Interest Conference” will send a proposal to the
IACM Secretariat.

After the Special Interest Conference

In the three months following the Conference, a final report will be sent to the IACM – using a template provided by the IACM secretariat – containing information on the scientific developments discussed at the event, event statistics, list of attendees and any opinions or suggestions for the future, as well as information on possible seed money.

Upcoming Special Interest Conference

Past Special Interest Conferences

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